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Water Escape and Water Damage Services

If you have the unfortunate experience of water escape in your home or business, call us immediately 24 hours a day, at 250-748-2002 to begin the process of restoration. Time is of the essence! You need to quickly stop the water source and remove any moisture through water extraction and proper, industry certified drying techniques.
Water causes many problems – mold, mildew, and rot to identify the most common. To avoid bacterial and mold growth and to commence a successful restoration, any water damage must be tackled swiftly.

Removing the moisture with specialty extraction equipment, followed by high-powered air and dehumidifying equipment to speed the drying process is key. With water damage, we will also apply an antimicrobial spray along with mildew and odor control, a deodorizing treatment and a final cleaning.

The more time water is left to penetrate and saturate surfaces, the added time, effort and expense results to restore your premises.

Sewage and Flood Treatment

Flood waters may contain risks that can affect your health, including raw sewage and chemical contaminants. Items and surfaces that come into contact with this type of flood water can become contaminated with the potential for negative effects on your family and pets. Call Fabri-Klean right away to restore cleanliness and restore your peace of mind.

NOTE/DISCLAIMER: Depending on the extent of the damage, not all carpeting and drywall are restorable after direct contact with contaminated sewage or flood water.